In my newsletter a few weeks ago, I asked for some help.

I asked you to tell me what you need the most when it comes to healthy movement. What content could I provide that would give you the most value and add the most awesomeness to your life?

And you know what? Every single person who wrote back said exactly the same thing.

You’re ALL looking for ways you can move more during the day without taking any extra time away from your busy lives.

You are in luck! There are a million ways to create better, healthier movement that don’t add more time to your day. The trick? You need to stack your life – instead of thinking of movement, chores, family, friends & self-care time as separate, start figuring out ways you can mix them up.

Here are five of my go-to strategies that you can start using TODAY to add more movement without adding more time.

1. Stop Sitting On Chairs and Sit On the Floor, Instead.

Really. Just stop. As soon as you start sitting on bolsters or cushions on the floor, you start changing the game for your core, your hips and your lower back. Being a bit uncomfortable means you’ll naturally move more. Here are some easy floor sitting techniques for you to try out to get you start.

Plus floor sitting gives you a bonus – getting up and down off the floor is a mini full-body workout. Don’t believe me? Try getting up and down for 15 minutes in a row. (This is why we got rid of our sofa – because when it’s around, it’s always so darn tempting. You can keep your couch if you really want to, of course – just do your best to not use it so much!)

2. Create More Texture.

When you’re standing, stand on something. Rolled up towels, rubber balls, old floor cushions, half-domes or rock mats all introduce your feet to something that’s not flat and level. This helps wake up atrophied foot muscles and challenge your balance. Try standing on stuff at your standing work station, or in the kitchen when you’re making and eating dinner.

Um, you do have a standing workstation, right? Please tell me that you do (If you don’t, then maybe try this incredibly inexpensive $25 option!).

The rock box is my favourite!

The rock box is my favourite!

3. Walk With a Friend.

Everything’s better with a friend – see if there’s anyone in your circle who wants to be your walking partner. Find a time when you’re both free and make a date to hang out and get healthy at the same time. Can’t find anyone this week? Walking is the perfect time to catch up on books & podcasts. It’s even better if you run an errand while you’re walking, especially if you get some heavy bags to carry home.

4. Change Your Temperature

It’s finally winter up here in Toronto, and that means that many of us are trying to leave the house as little as possible. But did you know that your body’s ability to adapt to temperatures can be trained, just like your muscles? And that exposure to unvarying temperatures is correlated with obesity? In contrast, exposure to cold temperatures can improve your circulation, boost your immune system, and increase your metabolism.

So next time you take a shower, try ending it by alternating cold & hot water – 30 seconds of hot, then 30 seconds of cold, 3 times. Don’t make it super cold to start off with – just cold enough to create a contrast and let your body start to adapt. I’ve been doing this for a few months now, and to my HUGE surprise I love it, and I’m going for colder and colder temps each time.

Another option? Don’t bundle up quite so much next time you leave your house. Be smart. Don’t go out in -10 in your underwear. But maybe start experimenting with having one or two fewer layers on and see how it feels to be a bit chilly sometimes.

5. Put Your Shoes & Socks On Without Cheating

That means – no sitting on anything and no leaning on anything. Can you put each sock on while you’re standing on only one leg? And then your shoes? I always find the last shoe the hardest, because it’s much easier for me to balance in bare feet.


shoes socks

There you go – 5 different ways to switch up your movement and your health, no extra time required. Try them all out and see which one(s) can work best for you and your life. Maybe all of them! I’d love to hear what you think – and if you have any tips of your own, you can share them over here on my Facebook Page.

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