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Do you want your feet to feel fantastic?

Yes, I want my feet to feel fantastic!

2018 Personal Health Progress Report

It’s almost my birthday. Yay! I love my birthday! Cake, champagne, hiking, and my second annual health progress report! See, I’ve always used my birthday as a chance to check in with my life. To decide if I’m happy with where it’s going and what I’m doing with my one...

Real Life Lunges (You Need These In Your Life)

Is your life too busy? Is it so busy you don't feel like you enough time to move? If you're like me and 99% of the people I know, the answer to both these questions is yes. We have a culture of business and a culture of not moving and together it means that our bodies...

MORE Beautiful Movement-Friendly Homes

Did you get inspired to go a bit more furniture-free from my last post? I am pretty sure there's no such thing as too much inspiration so today I'm sharing MORE movement-friendly home ideas! These ones are from the #SHOWUSYOURS Instagram contest we ran to go with my...

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