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The Active Twist For Your Core: Movement Vitamins Challenge #5

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Exercises, Movement | 0 comments

Your Core Does A Lot More Than Look Good In A Swim Suit

I like to think about core function instead of core strength.

Because a functional set of core muscles means things like:

  • Good digestion;
  • Pain-free periods;
  • Lower blood pressure;
  • A happier pelvic floor;
  • Organs that function at their best;
  • Spinal health; and last but not least
  • Better breathing

To do all these really important things, your core needs to move.

Because muscles and movement are what propel fluids and other substances around your body.

If core muscles don’t move, not much else is going to move either, you know what I mean?

Improve Your Core Function (And Strength too!) With Active Twists

The fifth Movement Vitamin is all about helping you, my friend, get some movement into the tight, underworked muscles that connect your bottom bits to your top bits.

Be prepared – this one can feel a bit strange at first, and it’s not easy! It’s kind of sobering, in fact, when you start to realize how limited your core muscles actually are. But, that’s the first step in fixing them, so check your ego at the door and prepare to do some Active Twists.

The Active Twist

This Week’s Challenge & Some Handy Tips

It’s time! This week you have a complete exercise program to help your whole body FEEL better and FUNCTION better.

These twists are a lot of work, and you might find you don’t go very far. That’s ok – just go as far as you can.

Loving the program? I hope so! To make it even easier for you to play along, I’ve created this handy little download with all the exercises for you to keep!


Download your free Movement Vitamins workout program here.

My favourite tip? Make sure you use a blanket under your shoulders to help your ribs stay in line with your pelvis. The more ‘arch’ you have in your mid-back, the more bolstering you’ll need. If you have TONNES of arch, or if you experience back pain in your life, try adding this amazing psoas release to your movement regime. It will help relax your deepest core muscles so you can live in better alignment and get more from your new twisting practice.

Tell Me How You Feel!

I would LOVE to hear how your body feels now compared to when you started. Leave a comment below, head to my Facebook page or tag me (@movementrevolution) on Instagram!

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