Did you know that we (modern, Western humans) only use about 25% of our total muscles, and only 50% of the total ranges of motion available to those muscles? On top of that, our habits mean that many of our muscles are significantly shorter than they’re supposed to be – for instance, women who wear heels can lose as much as 13% of their calf muscle length. This means we’re only accessing a tiny fraction of our total movement potential.

Our bodies require muscular movement in order to create a flow of electricity, blood and lymph to our cells. These substances allow cells to regenerate, which is what you want Рnice, fresh, healthy regenerated cells instead of old crispy frail ones.

So when our habits only use about 12.5% of our muscular potential, it means we have tonnes and tonnes of room for improvement. Around 87.5% in fact. Start moving more, and in different ways. Tonight, try climbing over your couch instead of sitting on it!

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