Fix Your Feet While You Enjoy A Nice Cup Of Coffee

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Do your feet need a quick fix? Because most of us have super packed lives and struggle to fit everything in, movement work sometimes just doesn’t happen. I’m always on the lookout for exercises that give tonnes of benefits and that are easy to work into everyday routines.

Today I want to share one of my favourite real-life foot exercises. It’s easy, it feels great, and you can do it while you drink your morning coffee. And it’s really, really good for you.

P.S. This one is the secret weapon of every good movement coach I’ve ever met – it’s really a heavy hitter.

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Fix Your Feet First

Most modern humans have really unhappy feet. Since we wear shoes and walk mostly on flat and level surfaces, our feet are stiff, weak and weirdly shaped. Our feet are probably our most under-moved, saddest body part.

It’s already not great to have unhappy feet. But it’s especially sad since our feet have a huge impact on our bodies and on the quality of our movement patterns.

That means that our unhappy, stiff, weak feet are messing up our walking, squatting and standing. This takes away from the wellness benefits that we are getting from these bigger picture movements.

All that to say, that if I had to pick a top movement priority that everyone should work on, it would be the FEET.

A Simple Foot Fix

So I just love this easy exercise because it’s going to help your feet work better (and feel better), and also the rest of your body. And did I mention that you can do it while you drink your morning coffee!!?!

You’ll need a small rubbery ball, and, obv, a coffee. Or tea. I’m taking some time off coffee for the new year – can you tell I miss it?

Make Sure Your Feet Love This

#1 If standing on a ball is too much for your feet right now, you can roll your feet sitting down.

#2 You also get to choose how hard your ball is. I recommend a softer one – my faves are Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls (and the bonus is that there are sooooo many ways to massage yourself on balls, so they’re a really useful movement tool). Tennis balls or pinky balls work too – I’m not a big lacrosse ball fan though, they’re really hard.

#3 Happy feet need happier shoes. Minimal shoes will help your feet be healthier for your entire life, but make sure to transition slowly and well. Here are some tips.

#4 I have an entire free mini-course to help you get happier, healthier feet. You can pick it up right here.

Aaaaand…I just opened registration for my Fit, Fabulous Feet workshop – find out more here if that sounds like it’s up your alley.

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