Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you, but this weekend made me feel like spring is actually going to happen soon. It was something about the light, maybe. I went for a walk and found this:

Notice that these bars go uphill and down - giving extra movement variety. It's a great set up!

Notice that these bars go uphill and down – giving extra movement variety. It’s a great set up!

It’s an excellent hanging set up and is much closer and better than the other places I’ve found near our new house. I’m sparked!

Why is that exciting? Hanging (and eventually swinging) on bars is one of the best ways to get your shoulders back into alignment. It will help get your upper body strength-to-weight ratio back to where it should be, and will get your shoulder girdle muscles working to pull your body towards things, instead of only pulling things towards your body. It also makes a great break from your computer. And it’s fun! But it’s nice to progress slowly – you don’t want to launch yourself into too much, too soon.

So to help prepare your body for some serious summer hanging, here’s my absolute favourite indoor hang. Today’s challenge? Pick a doorway. Any doorway with a solid frame on it. Every time you go through this doorway, you’re going to hang on it for 20 seconds to 1 minute on each arm.

Extra points for glaring at the photographer.

Extra points for glaring at the photographer.

There’s no magic to this one, but a few things to keep in mind:

– Your hanging arm should be externally rotated. How can you tell? Like the image in the header, your elbow ‘pit’ should face directly up to the ceiling. If you bend your arm, your elbow should travel straight down.

– Don’t poke one hip out to the side or let your body sag wildly – this will keep more muscles engaged.

– The closer your feet to the doorframe, the higher the hanging angle and the harder it is. Adjust to make it challenging but comfortable.

– Try changing the angle of your hanging arm by holding higher or lower on the door frame and see how it feels – is there an angle where you get more of a stretch?

– If you don’t feel a stretch at all (normally I feel it somewhere between the front of my shoulder joint and my biceps), be patient – sometimes I only feel it after holding for a couple of times.

Enjoy, and happy stretching!

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