Private Coaching


Dedicated One-On-One Support For Individualized Care.


Imagine transforming your health so that you can make the most out of every single day!

Wouldn’t you love it if….

»    Your body actually felt BETTER with each passing year

»    You never had to take another Advil

»    You could be totally confident that you are not going to leak when you laugh

»    Your body was your BFF instead of your biggest problem

»    You could rely on YOURSELF to feel better instead of on pills & surgery

»    You had a guide to help you understand why your body hurts – and to support you every step of the way while you fix it


But right now you feel like your body is falling apart and you don’t know what to do about it.

The truth is, there is a path forward.

When you start moving better, your body can begin to heal.

Over time, you can regain a healthy, pain free life. You can enjoy the way your body feels again, and you can embrace the activities you love.

When you change the way you move, you can literally transform your body from the inside out.

If you’re trying to work through your body ‘stuff’ and want to get the fastest results, my coaching program is designed for you.

This one-on-one training program will help you change the movement patterns that cause mechanically-induced pain and disease and transform your health.

And I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Coaching could perfect for you if you:

»    Are looking for real change, but aren’t sure how to get there on your own

»    Are seeking a supportive and caring partner in your healing journey

»    Want to make the most of your life with a body that works at its best

»    Are tired of hurting and want to feel better as soon as possible

»    Are willing to commit to doing the work required to make change

»    Are ready to be challenged, question your assumptions, explore, learn and grow

This program is available for students across the world.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Let’s Chat!

We schedule a Skype call to talk about your interest in moving better and whether we could be a good fit.

Step Two: Movement Basics!

We meet for a Movement 101 session using Skype or Zoom video conferencing technology.

We’ll spend this session exploring the way you stand and move, going over the fundamentals, and answering your questions.

You’ll learn simple but incredibly powerful techniques to help you start moving better RIGHT AWAY, and you’ll leave with an exercise program designed just for you.

Step Three: Get Moving!

Now you’re ready to dive in a bit deeper with a Get Moving! package.

In 5 sessions over the next 12 weeks, you’re going to explore your body – and start changing it forever. Your personalized take-home program will help you transform your body, your movement and your health!

Plus, you get a 12 week membership to my online coaching program, Take10, so that you can establish a regular and robust home practice.

Think this might be right for you?

I work with a limited number of students, and I want to make sure that you’re get the most out of your investment in time and money!

If you think that private coaching might be right for you, book a call and we’ll figure out whether we’re the right fit.

Want more details?

Here’s everything you need to know about my private teaching offering.

Step One



Let’s Chat

We schedule a phone call to chat about why you think this could work for you and whether we’re a good fit. This step is sooooooo important because I want you to be completely happy with our work together!

In this 20 minute phone call, we’ll talk about what’s going on with your body and about how I can help you fit more and better movement into your life.

Super simple, totally free!

Schedule your call right now!

Step Two

Movement 101 Session

75 Minutes Of Movement Coaching – In Real Life Or By Skype

In this 75 minute session, we’ll get to know each other and you can decide if movement work makes sense for you and your life. We’ll assess your current alignment and go over exercises specifically designed to help you improve your body awareness and movement habits.

Following the session, you’ll get a movement prescription that will help you guide your practice for the next few weeks. I send complete notes – a resource you’ll be able to access forever.

What you get:

»    The body alignment and daily movement habits that you should focus on

»    A simple – but not easy – daily program of the exercises that will help your body transform

»    Personalized whole body movement goals

»    Any resources, extra information or background that will supplement the work we did together

»    Full email and phone support so you can get in touch any time you have a question

Your Investment:


Step Three

Get Moving!

5 Session Zoom Coaching Package 

»    3 months of learning how your body moves with a partner and cheerleader who’s behind you 100% on your healing journey. We’ll meet online five times, for hour-long coaching sessions, using Zoom videoconferencing technology.

»    A personal home movement program designed specifically for your body and your life, including:

»    Corrective exercises

»    Specific movement habits to work on changing in your daily life

»    Personalized whole body movement goals

»    A complete recording of each session

»    Full email and phone support so you can get in touch any time you have a question

»    And as a bonus, you get a 12 week membership to my Take10 Movement Coaching program so you can enjoy a new 10 minute movement workout each week.

Your Investment:

»    $475

»    A commitment to around 20 minutes of focused exercise practice each day, plus a walk



Here’s what you should know about me:

#1   I’m invested in your success. I completely believe that you can transform your health through better movement.

#2 .   I’ve done what I’m teaching you to do and I live and breathe this work every single day.

#3 .   I was born to do this. And I’ll be next to you every step of the way.


xoxoxxo Petra

Feeling ready to take it to the next level?

Let’s talk and figure out if private movement coaching is your best option!

“Petra helps you to really understand how your body works and how to get it working better.”

Bettina H.

Petra is clear and creative in her teaching, and observant and precise about her corrections. Plus she’s cute as a button and she makes me laugh! Ok, seriously, she is great at relating the Restorative Exercise correctives to real world movement. Awesome.

Alison C., Pilates and movement teacher

Petra’s a great listener and a very well-rounded wellness guide, aware of how one’s life shapes their body and offering astute suggestions of supports, whether in building dynamic seating at home, places to walk in the city, or using other tools like mindfulness or yoga tune-up to support the work of Nutritious Movement. I highly recommend learning from Petra!

Emily G.

Petra offers a thoughtful approach: it’s not “One size fits” all – but very customized. She has an ability to put herself in other’s shoes….I am hooked on Restorative Exercise and I can blame Petra!

Cristina A. 

Petra is very patient and logical and precise – she explains very well not only the exact mechanics of the exercise, and how to position equipment, but also why it’s important to do things in a certain way.  That allows me to carry the practice of Restorative Exercise out of the studio and incorporate it into my daily life.

Luiza M., lawyer

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