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Petra’s been an incredibly generous movement teacher, posting a lot of free, high-quality content through her blog.  Her exercise videos always seem to answer a question that’s been lurking at the back of my mind, or propose a small change that made all the difference.  That’s why I decided to work with Petra, despite being hesitant about working with someone via Skype, something I’d never tried before.

I haven’t been disappointed.  I was marinating in the Land of Plateaus – exercising diligently but not seeing a lot of progress.  With Petra’s help, some long-term issues with my feet and hips are getting better.  Even more interesting, I have a better sense as to how these problems arose in the first place.  One unexpected Great Thing has been that her teaching helps to make the most of other material I’ve already purchased (such as Katy Bowman’s Alignment Snacks) since my form’s a lot better and is leading to changes more quickly.

Petra’s a great teacher – she’s encouraging, kind and perceptive.   And the Skype thing isn’t a problem at all (although I would love to meet her in person). 


Carolyn C. 

Petra is clear and creative in her teaching, and observant and precise about her corrections. Plus she’s cute as a button and she makes me laugh! Ok, seriously, she is great at relating the Restorative Exercise correctives to real world movement. Awesome.

As a movement teacher, I love getting the opportunity to work on my own stuff and Petra is great at finding the places where I cheat without knowing it. Working with her is fun and refreshes my love of movement.

Alison C., Pilates and Movement Teacher

Petra helps you to really understand how your body works and how to get it working better. I have become much more conscious and aware of the interconnected biomechanics of how my body moves since working with Petra.  I am slowly undoing years of poor posture and poor movement, feeling stronger and more in control of my progress.


Bettina H.

Nutritious Movement has finally given me a roadmap and sensible guide for how to shape my body in health. It’s incredibly holistic, taking account of one’s movement lifestyle and all the influential factors in our environment which condition our bodies, and intelligently instructing science-based correctives. As someone living with chronic pain, I came to feel very helpless and lacking control of my health, finding other therapeutic approaches (physio, yoga, pilates, etc) failing to describe whole-body dynamics and the fine alignment points which ensure you actual mobilize or stretch the part you want to target.

Coming to Nutritious Movement has been a major cathartic AHA moment! I now feel I have a both a big picture and set of micro-correctives to guide my body’s growth.

Petra is a wonderful teacher, skillfully observing what you need as an individual and teaching well-considered movements with warmth and humour. To boot, she lives and breathes natural movement and so brings a lot of passion and heart to the practice! She’s continuously learning from experience and formal coursework and offering her wisdom to clients. Petra’s a great listener and a very well-rounded wellness guide, aware of how one’s life shapes their body and offering astute suggestions of supports, whether in building dynamic seating at home, places to walk in the city, or using other tools like mindfulness or yoga tune-up to support the work of Nutritious Movement. I highly recommend learning from Petra!

Emily G.

I have suffered from sacroiliac joint pain on and off for well over 6 years.  As a long time student and teacher of yoga I thought I could use my practice as a way to heal myself.  When that didn’t work I tried Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Feldenkrais.  All of these modalities worked for a short period of time but were never permanent fixes. Working with Petra was life changing.  After one private session with Petra, my pain was GONE!  She listened, watched my movement and immediately showed me where my strengths and weaknesses were, giving me an immediate prescription of movements I could add to my everyday life to be pain free.

I have since had more sessions with Petra and each one added another dimension of understanding and tangible things I could do to heal my particular issue.  Petra took a whole body approach to working with me and I am so grateful to have her be a part of my wellness program.

If you are tired of being in pain, I can with utmost confidence recommend Petra Fisher to you.  You’ll know after just one session that you’ve found the right prescription for your overall health!

Diana M.

Petra’s story was compelling and I was motivated to “commit to the program” if it meant learning how to live as pain free as possible.

Fully understanding that Restorative Exercise is not about exercise but about movement was a big paradigm shift for me. It’s about achieving optimal, longer term health and agility in what first feels like no work at all (when compared to other “fitness” modalities). I would say it’s a longer term project, a way of thinking, and a commitment to a movement (pun intended).

There is always deeper work to be done (adding on subtle variations and fine tuning). Knowing the alignment points well now, I consciously practice them as much as possible. I can identify warning signs in my body and I can draw on the toolbox I acquired in working with Petra to manage and avoid a crisis. My shoe wardrobe has shifted. I floor-sit whenever it is possible. I am hooked on Restorative Exercise and I can blame Petra!

Petra offers a thoughtful approach: it’s not “One size fits” all – but very customized. She has an ability to put herself in other’s shoes. It has taken me time and I have had to re-set after falling off the bandwagon at least a couple of times, but the results are there for me.

Cristina A.

Before starting working with Petra I had no idea what to expect. I’ve done yoga and other alignment body work but nothing had really stuck. I’ve often experienced frustration, pain and shame about my limitations in yoga classes.

Since working with Petra I have noticed fewer headaches and less hip pain. I believe this is in part from the work we are doing together and the lifestyle changes that I have made with her support and encouragement. I look forward to my one on one sessions because every time I get new information about my body. It’s a pleasure to spend time exploring my body at the deep level possible with Restorative Exercise.

The most significant thing I have come away with is a softer and kinder attitude towards my self. I have let go of going to the gym 3 to 4 days a week and focus more on incorporating a variety of movement into my daily activities. As a woman in my forties my goals are more about having a health functioning body rather than a body that looks a certain way and Petra is helping me do this.

Pamela B.

Before joining Petra’s pelvic floor classes, I was a little unsure of what to expect.  I didn’t really believe it would help my pelvic floor issues.  Other things I tried did not work so I was not expecting much, but I felt I had nothing to lose.

I noticed almost immediate changes in posture and gait pattern. It took about 3 months before I noticed any changes with my bladder, that’s with doing some daily practice.  Once I noticed bladder improvement it was very motivating. I felt confident enough to stop using my bladder medication, which I have used for years, last week!

Petra is totally approachable and non judgmental. She’s ready to make suggestions for alternate position if something is too hard and allows everyone to work at their level. She gives great support with e-mailed homework and blog posts.

I’d say even though it is called a pelvic floor class, it is a way to help improve general alignment and gait which will help decrease aches and pains.  Now I will add..and yes, it did help my bladder

Bernadette M.

Petra is a warm, caring, knowledgeable and skilled teacher with a great sense of humour. She puts me at ease, helps me work at my own pace, and targets my individual needs. I haven’t been a person who normally sticks with group classes, in part, because I don’t feel very competent, flexible or strong. Petra has dissolved those apprehensions in me to the point where I hate missing her classes and want to continue with her for the long term.
She is really onto something here – a unique and effective approach to healthy movement and ways of being with your body that one can integrate easily into your daily life. Taking the classes and doing the simple homework that Petra outlines for the week has brought about noticeable results in my body and diminishing problems. I want to continue so that I can be healthy, mobile and active for the rest of my life.
Julia B.

I have been taking restorative exercise and other group classes with Petra for 1 ½ years, after I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees (likely requiring knee replacements within 12-18 months). Petra was determined to help me avoid surgery, and my surgeon said very recently that I can now put off the replacements for 10 years!

With Petra’s help, I have made significant changes in my body alignment. Some Pilates exercises and movements have taken me years to “get,” to reach that “aha” moment.  I like that Petra explains what and why you’re doing something as you are doing it.  That makes it so much easier to “get it” right from the start, so I feel more confident in classes.

Petra is very patient and logical and precise – she explains very well not only the exact mechanics of the exercise, and how to position equipment, but also why it’s important to do things in a certain way.  That allows me to carry the practice of Restorative Exercise out of the studio and incorporate it into my daily life. When I walk home after a class (usually that’s the only time I’m unhampered by bags!), I try to swing my arms in the way we’ve done it in class.  I also try to walk in a way that’s properly aligned, and I sit with my pelvis untucked.

Petra is intelligent, very kind and full of personality. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she has a good sense of humour. Also, it’s obvious that she both loves her work, and lives it.  Since she had a very different career prior to teaching, she is living inspiration that it’s possible to make permanent, beneficial changes to one’s movement patterns and body.

Luiza M.

Petra is a wonderful instructor. I was nervous about taking this class because I’ve never had much sense of my body or how to use it, and I wasn’t sure if my chronic back pain would allow me to participate fully in the exercises. Petra’s teaching style put me at ease right away, though. She explains everything step by step and encourages everyone to go at their own pace, as well as providing modifications for injuries. It is obvious that Petra is incredibly knowledgeable about alignment and her enthusiasm is infectious. The small class format was an added bonus, as it allowed me to ask questions and receive personalized feedback from Petra about my own progress, which was invaluable. I really like that I can integrate a lot of the exercises not only into my home practice but throughout my entire day! I now feel like my body is less of a mystery to me because I understand the basic principles of alignment and I have discovered some of my own unconscious habits. If you want to learn to move your body better, I highly recommend her classes.

Taryn O.

I’ve been working with Petra for over two years now to incorporate Restorative Exercise into my life.  This time period included my pregnancy with our second little girl.  Working with Petra has been great – Restorative Exercise has helped me address my chronic tension headaches and better manage my day to day stress.  It is also a great practice to fit in the chaos of two working parents and two small children and Petra is always understanding about developing and encouraging exercise that can fit into my busy life.

Rosslyn Y.

The cues Petra gives are incredibly helpful, being open to incessant questions (by me!). She gives really good context of why the movement she is teaching is relevant and applicable in day to day life, that for me is gold! Generally her presence is very inviting, open and approachable.

I appreciate her follow up after class with “homework” and further resources–that takes time and effort outside of class time so I really felt like it was a bonus and it left the responsibility up to us to delve into it.

Since taking this class, I’m definitely more mindful of how I move and how I want to move. I feel more in my body (and also feel like I know that much less!–the paradox!) and I’m more curious about Nutritious Movement

I would say it is a class that really focuses on moving mindfully – the movements are subtle but impactful.

Thanks again for your gift to movement!

Jennifer S.

I just wanted to say… this “alignment” thing is completely changing my life. Things I have struggled with for as long as I can remember (like since I was a very young child) are suddenly not an issue – ingrown toenails, constipation, hemorrhoids, my small toes used to be completely faced inwards and I was so embarrassed by it as a child and they suddenly face forward and look like a normal toe! Things that I just thought were “normal” for me are suddenly changed and how they are supposed to be! I am so so excited!

Even my prolapse.. the last couple weeks has felt better than it’s felt since my son was born. Like I don’t feel it all the time, in fact I rarely feel it now. I’m not sure what helped so much with that… I realized that I was ALWAYS holding tension down there, maybe that is it. I also realized that I still suck in my stomach way more than I thought I did – I have to constantly remind myself not to. None of my old jeans fit either, they are too tight in the butt/hips, so maybe the fact that my glutes are FINALLY being used has helped my prolapse. I really don’t know what’s done it but I am SO EXCITED about it and I sure hope I can continue to move forward!

So anyways, I just wanted to say thank you 🙂
Alycia M.

I began working with Petra on alignment practice during my second trimester and continued throughout my entire pregnancy. The focus on sitting and standing in alignment, as well as squatting,walking and stretching helped me tremendously. I worked very hard to incorporate movement into my daily life and believe that it paid off in several ways. To begin with, I did not experience any back pain during my pregnancy and was able to walk up to 15km a day when I was 41 weeks pregnant without any trouble. I think the fact that I walked every day, allowing my body to adapt to the growing load, really helped me to remain active and comfortable until the very end.
I also believe that the focus on walking, standing and especially sitting correctly helped ensure that my baby was in the right position for birth as of 32 weeks. I was able to have a natural birth with no epidural and had almost zero tearing. Again, I believe my work with Petra had an enormous impact on helping me have a positive birth experience. I highly recommend alignment exercise for all pregnant women!!
Rei M.

Since working with Petra, I have learned an incredible amount about my body. Things that I thought were just a fixed parts of my body, I have learned are in fact changeable; with lots of patient hard work. This is incredibly empowering to learn and to feel. It has changed the way I work with my body, how I move all day, and also how I teach. It’s changed everything! In the best possible way. I would highly recommend Petra to anyone, but especially people who have a movement background, or teach some form of body movement. The information I get from each class is invaluable.
On top of all of that, Petra is just a really nice person. She is fun, funny, and laid back. Working with Petra is really enjoyable, and I would recommend her to anyone!
Lisa A.

Yoga and Pilates teacher

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