Live Blogging My Tongue Tie Release Part 1

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I had no idea I had a tongue tie until a year ago when I was 41 – despite the fact that it’s been affecting my health for my entire life.

As a child I suffered from headaches and became a mouth breather – a habit that is incredibly bad for your whole body health. My teeth were crowded and my face developed asymmetrically with dark bags under my eyes.

As an adult, my headaches, insomnia, TMJD and chronic pain issues have shaped my life and my career. So I’m kind of grateful, since I would never have come across the world of movement without them! But they also suck, and until I get my tongue tie released, it’s continuing to impact my health no matter how much I change my movement.

I’ve shared a number of articles about tongue ties, swallowing and TMJ over the last year, and many people have asked me to share more of my story, so here it is!

I’m very excited to share that on October 10, 2017, I’ll be seeing Dr. Soroush Zaghi of The Breathe Institute in LA to get a procedure called a Functional Frenuloplasty. This is also called a Tongue Tie Release although there are many things that go by that name. The frenuloplasty is cutting edge surgery (hahaha) for tongue ties like mine, and I’ve decided to live blog about it by sharing videos of my experience over the next few weeks.

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In today’s video, I’m sharing a bit about my story – the health issues I had from my tongue tie, how I found out that I had a tie, and what I’m going to do about it.

Next week I’ll be sharing some of the movement work I’ve been doing to prepare for my release, and then the after that I’ll be showing you as much as I can of the release itself and how my body feels in the days and weeks after it.


More AboutTongue Ties

Tongue ties affect some 3-5% of people, and insomnia, apnea, snoring and poor breathing affect many, many more. If you have sleeping issues, jaw issues, headaches, or neck pain, you may want to investigate whether your real issue is with your tongue.

Here are some previous posts where you can learn more about tongue ties, how to do a simple assessment to see if you have one, and what to do if you think you might have a tongue tie or other tongue position issue.

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Stay Tuned

In the weeks to come, I’ll be sharing more about what I’m doing to prepare for my release, what it’s actually like, and how my body reacts to it! Sign up for my mailing list or watch this spot to follow along.


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