I had a really fun afternoon yesterday – my co-workers from my old office invited me back to teach some classes for their spring charity fundraising drive. It was great to see some friends and help them take a healthy break in the middle of the day.

And they made an awesome poster! I was particularly happy to be listed next to a bake sale, since nothing goes as well with Restorative Exercise as sugar and wheat 🙂 It always amazes me how many office functions revolve around sugar… but that’s a whole different topic.

I thought that today, in honour of everyone at the Ministry, I’d take a break from feet and share the video I made for the Virtual Women’s Health Summit we held in March. It’s full of tips and ideas for how you can improve the wellness potential of your workday. They’ve been field tested – these are all techniques I used when I was still at the Ministry – and they’re all pretty simple and straightforward. Let me know how they work for you!

P.S. If you don’t yet have a copy of the e-book I made to go along with this presentation, you can get it by signing up to my mailing list via the sidebar to the left. It’s got full instructions on how to do my favourite five anti-office stretches.