Dive Deep, Focus In & Go Home With A New Way To Move

Workshops are a great way to experience better movement.¬†Whether it’s your first time and you’re trying to fix a specific problem, or if you have an existing practice and want a deeper dive, a workshop is the perfect¬†opportunity to spend several hours focused and learning.

Here’s What’s Coming Up!

Build A Better Pelvic Floor

Wednesday June 12 6:30 – 8:00
Point Gym & Kitchen, Portland, OR

*Donations will be accepted for SARC Oregon

The way you move can nourish a strong, resilient pelvic floor for your whole life. In this class we’ll explore why modern pelvic floors fail, exercises and all-day movement strategies to create stronger, more resilient pelvic floor health, and how to nurture pelvic floor health with natural movement. We’ll move, we’ll learn, we’ll laugh (with less “sneeze-pee”) and we’ll be giving to a great cause as well!

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