Real Life Lunges (You Need These In Your Life)

Is your life too busy? Is it so busy you don’t feel like you enough time to move?

If you’re like me and 99% of the people I know, the answer to both these questions is yes.

We have a culture of business and a culture of not moving and together it means that our bodies suffer from a widespread lack of movement.

It kinda sucks.

But, what if there was a way to improve your strength, flexibility when you’re basically just hanging out? A way to get a workout every time you sat down to dinner? A way to build a great butt when you’re chilling in your living room?

Well, guess what – there is!

So I’ll just get this out now.


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Move More With Less Furniture

Getting more movement while you get your life done is possible, and all it takes is creativity, rethinking your environment and maybe some experimentation.

One of the best ways to change your environment is to change how you use furniture.

Instead of always sitting on chairs, sofas, benches, whatever, practicing sitting on the floor can give you lots more movement. You get variety – because you can put your legs and hips into all sorts of shapes that chairs don’t really allow. And you get strength, because ya gotta get up and get down.

I’ve written a lot about furniture-free life. How to transition. What furniture-free homes look like (Answer: Beautiful!). MORE (beautiful) furniture-free decor ideas. And how to sit better when you’re sitting on the floor. And remember – you don’t need to actually get rid of your furniture – you can simply not use it. S.O.s usually appreciate this!

But It’s Not Just About Less Furniture

So not using furniture is amazing, but you can make it even better when you go bigger picture. It’s not just about sitting on the floor, it’s also about how you get down there. And up from there.

Every time you move your body weight from standing to the floor, it’s a mini-workout. And when you move your body weight back to standing? It’s a BETTER mini-workout!

So today, I’m sharing one of my favourite to get up and get down. A way that you can basically build your butt and hamstrings each time you go between the floor and standing. No extra time required!

Hi! I’m Petra! I’ve transformed my body and my life with better movement, and now it’s my passion to share this amazing work with anyone who wants permanent natural solutions to body pain and who wants to keep doing all the things they love every day of their life!

Build a strong foundation for better movement by starting with your feet!

Get Stronger, No Gym Required


So How Did That Feel?

Isn’t it cool how much harder it is when you verticalize your lunge?

Our bodies are really good at using less calories and less muscle to get life done. Awesome if you’re a hunter-gatherer but not so useful these days!

That’s why I love this lunge technique as one of my go-to ways to get up from the floor.

Did you love it too? What did you notice? Let me know in the comments below!


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