You deserve to live freely and feel confident that you can do everything you want to do

Ready to say goodbye to sneeze-pee, prolapse, nagging pelvic floor symptoms, diastasis recti, or pain in your hips, back & shoulders

(& stop wasting your money on leak-proof panty liners)?

“My body’s letting me down”
Especially when…
Especially when…

One in three women (& 16% of men) will suffer with a pelvic floor disorder during their lifetime


…nothing has given you real, long-lasting results

Let’s be honest, traditional pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) just don’t work for many people.

And it’s tough to find reliable resources on how to actually HEAL your pain, leaking, tension or prolapse.

I want you to know that you don’t need to just live with these symptoms

After all, pelvic floor issues might be common

(but that doesn’t mean they’re normal & they definitely don’t have to be part of your life)


Heal pelvic floor symptoms & other chronic injuries, so you can stay active with a body that feels like it belongs to you, again

Because you want to:

Let me show you how to use a whole-body approach to heal and build a healthy pelvic floor that supports a limitless life

Learn whole-body movement patterns for a stronger pelvic floor and a happier, healthier body, so you can live a movement-rich life doing all the things you love

Pelvic Floor+ tackles the root cause of your problems to create long-term solutions by treating your body as a system instead of a collection of parts

I created this program for self-motivated people like you who are committed to building a body that empowers you to fully live

When you join Pelvic Floor+, you’ll build skills in the key human movement patterns that support pelvic floor health like how you sit, walk, squat and even hang – by building skills, capacity, and hip, spine and shoulder mobility.

These incredible students have relieved their pelvic floor symptoms thanks to Pelvic Floor+

“I have been practising and applying the Pelvic Floor+ course in everyday life.

It’s having wonderful results with restoring a healthy core and breathing patterns. I have fewer bladder spasms, and piston breathing and checking pelvic alignment are now reflexive actions when they occur, which gets me through them.

My core, which is tight on one side, has relaxed enough to stop lumbar and pelvic pain when trying to sleep, and that has taken the pressure off my nervous system, so I clench less. This in itself is life changing stuff!

I still have stubborn, lifelong shoulder, thoracic spine, and hip restrictions to improve by continuing to practise and apply course content, so I am excited to know that it’s just the beginning.

Thanks for providing such a thorough, methodical, effective course, which is delivered in a very inspiring and nurturing way. It’s just so easy to apply no matter what life throws at you.”

— Jane J

“I am 2 weeks into Module 1 of the Pelvic Floor course and oh.my.gosh what a difference!

I have had urge incontinence for 10+ years, had appointments with a pelvic floor physical therapist with no results. Two weeks into your program and BAM I am cured, no kidding! I wish I could nominate you for sainthood

Thank you for changing my life!”

— Josey A

You could spend thousands of dollars searching for a solution (like I did!)
or you can grab keep-forever access to a whole-body, whole-life approach for long-term success…

Summer sale!

Save $50 PLUS new bonus classes & free live workshop with me

$249 USD

$199 USD

Summer sale ends on Tuesday July 22 at 23:59 EST

Pelvic Floor+ is a progressive program split into two parts,
lasting 8-12 weeks each.

There are 2 foundation modules, 8 exercise modules with a mixture of exercise-by-exercise instruction and guided movement flows, and 2 bonus modules stacked with a boatload of supporting materials.

Specifically, you’ll start with the Pelvic Floor+ Upper Body program, where you’ll learn how to:

Align, mobilize and build strength in your shoulders, spine, ribs & core, and learn functional breathing & core engagement patterns, so you can feel less upper body tension & stop overloading your pelvic floor tissues so they can heal and become stronger.

Then in the Pelvic Floor+ Lower Body program, you’ll

Strengthen and rebalance your hips, hamstrings, glutes and inner thighs, and learn movement & alignment patterns to build a happier, healthier lower body and a strong, balanced, functional pelvic floor, so you can feel capable and confident again.


You’ll get a stack of bonus classes when you join Pelvic Floor+

Bonus trainings to boost your progress

(including NEW classes)

If you want to amplify your results, this stack of extra trainings is packed with movement goodness (I’ve learned so much over the past year that I just had to share the gems with you!)

These bonus videos are a mixture of additional exercises and explainer videos helping you troubleshoot your unique patterns, so you can boost your progress and get added support no matter where you’re at.

Plus, you’ll get an invite to my live workshop
(only if you enroll before Monday July 22 at 23:59 EST)

Meet Your Pelvic Floor
LIVE Bonus Workshop

Join me for a LIVE workshop to help you build awareness of your pelvic floor – because you can’t change what you can’t feel! You’ll use breath, massage and gentle movement to feel and embody your pelvic floor so you can reconnect & start healing.

Don’t worry if you miss the live workshop, we’ll provide you with a recording so you can watch whenever is best for you.

July 27th at 10.00am EST

Plus, along the way you’ll…


You’ll get:

New and improved content!

Even though I live and breathe movement all-day, every day, I’m forever a student, and love reading the latest studies and learning new information!

Specifically, I spent the last 12 months improving my knowledge around the pelvic floor. To share the most exciting and useful parts of my new learning, I created 5 new bonus classes inside Pelvic Floor+.

Two programs for the price of ONE

I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed, so Pelvic Floor+ has been split into two parts – one for the upper body and one for the lower body.

This way, you can focus on one piece of the puzzle in a systematic way – while still getting the complete picture, because our pelvic floors need both.

Inside Pelvic Floor+ Upper Body, you’ll work on pressure, your core and breathing. Pelvic Floor+ Lower Body works on your hips, thighs, and hamstrings for more pelvic floor-friendly, all day movement.

If you’re not experiencing pelvic floor issues, both programs are foundational for better movement – all day, every day.

Each program has eight modules over 8-12 weeks.

Focus & make achievable progress, your way.

125+ progressive and modifiable exercises for any ability and capacity

Learn each move in a short exercise-by-exercise format then practice on your own or follow me in a guided, follow-along flow class.

Since pelvic floor issues often appear in later life – after childbirth, post menopause or as we’re moving less, and losing mobility & muscle mass – this program works for any age, any body and any capability.

Plus, many of the exercises and movement tips can be done as part of your usual daily activities.

All videos have captions, in case you need them or prefer to watch with the volume down.

An exclusive invitation to my Petra Fisher Movement Students’ Corner

Stay accountable to your goals, seek support when you need it, ask questions, and connect with the amazing, supportive people inside – people just like you.

Printable workout calendars

Remove any guesswork and stop memorizing a schedule with this printable workout calendar.

Customize your movement practice to fit in the busiest of schedules.

24/7, keep-forever access to exercises & movement flows

Move with me as I guide you through your choice of exercise-by-exercise instruction or pre-recorded movement flows, (the full workouts take around 20-30 minutes).

Access the trainings and movement flows any time, anywhere, FOREVER.

A searchable, clickable index of exercises

Never waste time scrolling to find an exercise again. Jump to your favorite exercises without navigating the entire program.

The exercises and whole-body approach inside Pelvic Floor+ have been tested by 2157 students who want to heal just like you

You could spend thousands of dollars searching for a solution (like I did!)
or you can grab keep-forever access to a whole-body, whole-life approach for long-term success…

Summer sale!

Save $50 PLUS new bonus classes & free live workshop with me

$249 USD

$199 USD

Summer sale ends on Tuesday July 22 at 23:59 EST

Hi, I’m Petra…
& I’ve been in that scary, frustrating place with my body too

Not only did I hate practicing law, it was truly horrendous for my body. I spent 80-hour weeks sitting at my (fancy) desk, wearing (fancy) high heels, and lifting my ribs up super high all the time to show I had great posture!

That exact combo meant I was basically throwing my spine, my core and my pelvic floor under the bus.

My body was racking up a whole list of issues, including hip problems, mid-back pain, sneeze-pee when running, plantar fasciitis and a mid back that was so tight that the spasms actually BENT the needles during acupuncture.

And guess what? All of these issues were related to my pelvic floor health.

I felt like my body was letting me down.

But as scared and frustrated as I was, I was convinced there had to be a way for me to heal and stay active.

I spent thousands of dollars trying different solutions.

Physiotherapy. Chiropractic. Acupuncture. Osteopathy. Massage therapy. Naturopathy. Rolfing.

But, my body still hurt (and yah, I was still peeing when I sneezed).

Then I discovered movement and realized that some of my die-hard habits were anything but healthy.

In fact, they compromised my health and were the root cause of my issues.

Making changes to my movement patterns & my lifestyle started to resolve my issues, and health and healing became my passion. I quit my office job and became a full-time movement coach. I’ve been certified in Restorative Exercise, MovNat, Functional Range Conditioning, and Restore Your Core. Together, these approaches are a powerful way to reconnect with our bodies, build functional strength and mobility, and offer our bodies the type and amount of movement they require to work well and sustainably.

Now, the good news!

Today, my spine, my pelvic floor, and the rest of my body all work – and feel – a TON better.

Plus, I’ve had the honor to have helped over 44,897 students to date through my online programs and my signature Take10 membership.

I love seeing the amazing results when my students email me (“THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS”) – and I love living the results myself.

In fact, my movement practice has let me build my resilience, so that now I can travel the world full time, hike and surf and explore where my heart takes me.

All without peeing my pants!

Movement changed my life, and now I’m on a mission to change yours
(just like I helped Lee 👇)

“I’ve been dealing with pelvic floor issues for at least 10 years. I had sneeze pee, dribble and needed to wear pads. My knees started to hurt and, of course, the dreaded “we should replace your knees” line every older person is told.

I saw a physical therapist and strengthened my lower body which helped. Then life happened.

In the last 12 months, I began limping, peeing whenever my body decided, my right shoulder was two inches shorter than the left, and I had a prolapse. My doctor recommended Kegels, which never helped. Then I was told to have surgery, so I thought I’d just have to live with it.

By the time I discovered Petra and her Pelvic Floor+ program, I had given up on ever healing.

I practice Petra’s breathing technique so much that I notice it is almost a habit.

At 71, I never thought so many muscles and joints could improve in such a short amount of time.

I’m wasting money on pads because I’ve not even dribbled in them for a week and a half. My gait is improving by the day, I can squat, and my shoulders are now only a half inch difference.

I’m still working on my knee pain but most of the discomfort is from working out.

I love how each module is broken down into day 1 and day 2, so one part of the body can repair while we work the other.

I am loving life again and I’m not going to turn into an old lady. Being barefooted at home and work is so freeing. Plus, surgery is no longer on the table.

Thank you Petra, I appreciate all you do.”

- Lee V

Here’s why other options you’ve tried may have failed

Other options

Other options

Focus on intense exercises that can injure your body

Pelvic floor+

Learn the foundations of natural movement to heal your body now & create a better future thanks to patterns that give your body what it really needs

Other options

Focus on the problem area (or Kegels), so other issues that affect your pelvic floor remain unresolved

Pelvic floor+

Treats the pelvic floor as one part of a whole-body system for longevity and vitality

Other options

Focus on people who are pregnant, postpartum or have given birth

Pelvic floor+

Perfect for anyone who’s had children, experiencing menopause, dealing with pelvic floor issues, or symptoms of a poorly functioning pelvic floor

Other options

Expect a lifestyle or habit overhaul that’s unrealistic for most people

Pelvic floor+

Accessible and achievable for every body, age and capability with natural, movement-based habits you can add into your daily life for long-term success

Other options

Focus on creating fitness that can feel unattainable

Pelvic floor+

Prioritize function & vitality over physique

Other options

Only offers one option for each exercise

Pelvic floor+

Customize the exercises with multiple options for your current movement capacity

Other options

Look at symptoms only, so underlying causes never get addressed

Pelvic floor+

Address the imbalances and patterns that are the root cause of many issues for long-term relief

Other options

Waiting time between sessions, so relief is temporary

Pelvic floor+

Flexibility to build your own movement schedule so you can create consistent relief from symptoms

Other options

Lack of physical therapist availability or long wait times to see someone

Pelvic floor+

Do anywhere, any time with
unlimited access to the trainings

Other options

Pay weekly for each session

Pelvic floor+

Keep-forever trainings for a one-time fee

Other options

Exercises offer one level of ability

Pelvic floor+

Progressive exercises to help you
develop your movement skills further

Other options

Difficult to receive additional support outside of the prerecorded classes

Pelvic floor+

Consistent support from me for your questions, so you’re getting the answers you need to improve your progress

Other options

Cues feel poorly explained or hard to follow, so you’re unsure what you’re supposed to be doing

Pelvic floor+

Simple explanation and clear cuing so you know exactly what to do (and why)

You could spend thousands of dollars searching for a solution (like I did!)
or you can grab keep-forever access to a whole-body, whole-life approach for long-term success…

Summer sale!

Save $50 PLUS new bonus classes & free live workshop with me

$249 USD

$199 USD

Summer sale ends on Tuesday July 22 at 23:59 EST

You’re perfect for Pelvic Floor+ if you:

You’re protected by my Petra’s Pinky Promise money-back guarantee

If you don’t feel like Pelvic Floor+ has moved you closer to a happier, healthier pelvic floor or helped alleviate any of your specific problems within 30 days, I’ll refund your money.

That’s a whole 30 days to try the exercise-by-exercise instruction or pre-recorded movement flows, so you can try Pelvic Floor+ completely worry-free.

You could spend thousands of dollars searching for a solution (like I did!)
or you can grab keep-forever access to a whole-body, whole-life approach for long-term success…

Summer sale!

Save $50 PLUS new bonus classes & free live workshop with me

$249 USD

$199 USD

Summer sale ends on Tuesday July 22 at 23:59 EST

Pssst….want a sneak peek inside Pelvic Floor+?

I recorded this video walkthrough of the content, so you can see exactly what you’re learning inside the program.

Play Video

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

There are two programs inside Pelvic Floor+ (one focusing on your lower body and one focusing on your upper body). Each program has eight modules over 8-12 weeks, so there are six months of total exercises and workout flows. 

But, the work is rich and you can keep doing it as long as you’re getting the benefits. 

No, the exercises are gentle for your body, but they’ll challenge you enough to change your movement patterns, and build strength and mobility while healing. 

Each exercise can be modified to suit any age, body, or capability. 

Take10 is a membership and goes past pelvic floor-specific movement and exercises. Instead it focuses on classes and movement patterns for the rest of your body, with the goal of helping you to build a movement-rich life.

Pelvic Floor+ gives you a deep exploration into the movement environment of the pelvic floor in a more systematic and progressive way, with a focus on healing your body. 

Pelvic Floor+ is a fantastic foundation for whole-body movement health as we tackle the imbalances, movement patterns and mobility barriers that are typically the root causes of pelvic floor (and other body) issues.And you’ll get keep-forever access to all the video trainings, real-life movement habits, and a printable workout calendar.

No, there aren’t discounts for Take10 members. You get keep-forever access to everything inside Pelvic Floor+ plus your free invite to the bonus live workshop Meet Your Pelvic Floor. 

Pelvic Floor+ helps you improve whole-body, all-day long movement patterns including walking, squatting, hanging, breathing and core function, while other courses focus solely on pelvic floor and core exercises. 

You can also customize and modify the exercises for your current movement capacity, offering a level of achievability and accessibility I’ve never seen anywhere else. 

Plus, you’ll learn a ton of super helpful body-friendly movement habits that you can add into your day, which other courses may not.

I recommend doing the exercises for at least 20 minutes 4 days a week, so you can learn and see real changes. 

Inside the program, you get my recommended workout calendar, but you have total control and flexibility over your schedule.   

Learn each move in a short exercise-by-exercise format then practice on your own or follow me in a guided flow class (the full workouts take around 20-30 minutes).   

Plus, Pelvic Floor+ is packed with real-life movement changes that don’t take extra time but have a big healing impact on your body. 

Certainly, the more you do, the more change you’ll create!

Yes, Pelvic Floor+ is protected by my Petra’s Pinky Promise. 

If you don’t feel like Pelvic Floor+ has moved you closer to a happier, healthier pelvic floor or helped alleviate any of your specific problems within 30 days, I’ll refund your money. 

No, you get keep-forever, unlimited access to the program for its lifetime. 

All exercises, movement flows, worksheets and training videos are downloadable, so you can do them any time, anywhere. 

Pelvic Floor+ is designed for anyone experiencing pelvic floor issues, including pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, stress incontinence, super-tight ‘hypertonic’ pelvic floor or pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction, tension or tightness.

But if you don’t have pelvic floor issues, it’s also an ideal starting point for your movement journey. So take it if you want to get long-term solutions for back pain, neck and shoulder tension, hip pain, or you want to enhance your health with a better-for-human-bodies movement diet.

Many of the exercises can be done without equipment during the day (no yoga mat necessary) and all of the items have easy-at-home substitutions. I share a complete equipment list, including links to my favorite suppliers, in the program. 

I recommend the following: 

  • Half round foam roller
  • A yoga strap
  • One or two yoga blocks
  • Two tennis-size balls 
  • A flat-seated chair
  • 12-inch Pilates ball
  • Blankets, cushions or towels

Plus, some optional things to give you some alternatives. 

You can watch on the Thinkific App, or use a computer or other device with a good internet connection to watch the videos online.

Since our body is one system and all parts are connected, it’s important to make sure everything is balanced, so we can improve whole-body movement function. 

And since our bodies aren’t a collection of parts, the root cause of pelvic floor issues are often the same thing behind pain in our knee, hip, back or shoulders. 

So this program tackles the imbalances that are the root cause of many issues for long-term relief and healing, and is a great place for anyone to begin their healthy movement journey.

Yes! It’s important to me that Pelvic Floor+ is accessible for everyone, so every video has captions in case you need them (or prefer to watch videos silently). 

I want to make movement accessible for every body. If the cost isn’t in your budget right now, email support@petrafishermovement.com, and let’s talk about how we can make Pelvic Floor+ work for you.

Friend, I’m proud of you for never giving up

Even when you feel like your body is letting you down, you search for solutions – whether seeking professional help, scrolling through blogs on the internet, or finding experts online.

It takes guts to push through the pain, stiffness, tightness and incontinence.

Hugs and huge high fives for taking care of your health and putting yourself first.

That’s why I’m thrilled you’re here and why I’d be honored to help you.

You see..

Pain, stiffness and incontinence are our body’s way of sounding the alarm about our movement choices.

I invite you to practice the whole-body, real-life movement approach inside Pelvic Floor+ to heal your specific problems and nurture a happier and healthier body.

Your future self will thank you for choosing YOU today.

Join the thousands of students easing their pelvic floor symptoms

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