Wow! That week was something else

It's been an amazing week of FEET.

And appreciation.

And appreciation for feet.

Honestly, I have been overwhelmed with the positive response from the launch of Build Better Feet and the number of people who have put their trust and faith in the program to help them Build Better Feet, THEMSELVES.

It's been a wonderful experience seeing all these people feel empowered to make changes and to start doing the work.

So Awesome.

But, it means now I have my hands full.

My hands are full supporting the people who decided to take action, who decided to Build Better Feet.

My hands are full helping people start living the live of active adventure they've always dreamed of.

My hands are full helping them every step of the way.

That means...

Build Better Feet is temporarily closed for enrolment.

If you want to be in on the early stages of the next opportunity to start living the active live of your dreams, to start doing instead of just dreaming, to start building YOUR better feet.

Add your name to the waitlist. You'll be the first to know when the course is open again.

And when YOU can start your own journey to Build Better Feet.