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“Your newsletter has inspired me to explore other ways of moving”

“Your emails are so funny and you are a good writer and a fantastic teacher in your Mini Moves, which I like very much and can apply in my daily life.”

– Margareta Lönnerberg 

“Thank you for offering your experience and skills to the world. I’ve been following you on instagram for about a year and just yesterday signed up for your foot class and this newsletter. Wish I’d done it sooner!

I coach in a functional fitness gym, and I’ve used plenty of your exercises already to improve my movement and mobility and that of my athletes. Your work has added so much to my tool belt!”

– Janet Hume

Hi Petra!

Thank you too! I really enjoy your posts and newsletter. They have inspired me to explore other ways of moving. I am a 70 year old retired physiotherapist and former professional ballet dancer. I have always moved and loved it. Unfortunately I have osteoarthritis and before Christmas was in a lot of pain especially when trying to walk! I cut out all of my gym training and started over with simple movements, as much natural movements that I could do and CARS. I improved quite a bit then I did your Free your feet program which I do faithfully every day. I built up my feet and have changed over to barefoot shoes and wow it made a gigantic difference. I will never go back! My walking has improved but I still have a way to go. I feel optimistic. So I wanted to say how thankful I am that I found you and tell you what a difference that has made for me.

– Eileen Väremo

Hi! I’m Petra, your movement coach!

When I was just 30 years old, chronic injuries changed my life forever…

Plantar fasciitis, pelvic floor issues, shin splints, hip issues, neck pain, and consistent injuries.

You name it, I had it.

That’s what 15-hour days as an overworked lawyer will do for you!

I tried expensive physio, Yoga, doctors, massage therapy…Nothing worked.

Then I discovered movement and my healing journey began.

Movement changed my life and I want to share it with you.

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Redefining fitness for all
bodies and ages.

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