Grab the surprising solution to diastasis recti, prolapse, sneeze pee, and painful sex

(And I won’t ask you to do a single Kegel)

If you followed me for any length of time, you know my work is unique in that it seeks to address issues fully, by considering the body as a whole.

So to truly heal any pelvic floor issue like diastasis recti, prolapse, sneeze pee, and painful sex, we’ll need to look into things like shoulder tension, spinal mobility, breathing patterns, core function, and the strength and mobility of your hips and feet.

But I know…

Given your busy daily schedule, it’s a lot to take on (especially all at once).

And you need something to deal with this soon.

So I got to thinking…

There is one essential tool, which can immediately change the patterns causing your pelvic floor issues.

It’s one of those surprisingly simple, and incredibly powerful tools which can heal pelvic floor issues, while also improving your core function, decreasing hip and back pain, and it can even help you breathe better! (talk about a magical little wellness hack)

PS. All you gotta do is hold your ribcage a bit differently.

How easy is that!?

And if you plan to go “all in” on healing your pelvic floor issues (say maaaaybe with the dedicated pelvic floor course I’m creating)…

Ribcage position is actually the surprising first step to healing all this stuff anyway.

So, to teach you this magical little wellness hack, I put together a clear, succinct, 5-part video series called “Ribcage Magic.” (And it’s completely free!)

Why you need this

Video #1:

You’ll discover why your ribcage position is foundational to healing your pelvic floor (as well as improving your core function, decreasing hip and back pain, and even breathing better).

Check yourself!

Video #2:

You’ll learn a simple self-check so you’ll know (with confidence!) whether your ribcage is in the best spot.

All day every day

Video #3:

You’ll learn how to use the ideal ribcage position as you move throughout the day (so you won’t have to dedicate any ‘extra’ time to your healing there).

When you reach up

Video #4:

You’ll learn how to use the ideal ribcage position when your arms are in the air, such as when you’re getting something from a high shelf.

On the exercise mat

Video #5:

You’ll also discover a super simple way to use the ideal ribcage position on your exercise mat.

With this, you can practice this new ribcage position alongside anything else you’re already doing, to start to heal your pelvic floor any time of day.

Listen, organs shouldn’t be falling out of us. And you don’t have to accept that your body is just “wearing out.” Give this “tiny habit” a shot and see where it takes you. Your future long walks may thank you.

Here’s what others have to say about Ribcage Magic…

“Lovely videos; such valuable and inspirational content, and so well made. I LOVE CONCISE! 🙂

Cheers to you!”

— S. Shore

“Hi! I tried out this video series and it was very enlightening. It was also really easy to follow and understand by the way.

As usual!”

— Cyndi

“I (a layperson with a strong interest in movement) just watched the ribcage videos and thought they were great!

I’ve been aware of the importance of keeping my ribcage down for some time, but I didn’t know how to assess whether I was actually doing it (I usually defaulted to cramming my ribcage down, which created a lot of tension/achiness).

Using my fingers as you demonstrated in the video is such an easy way to do that, so thank you!

It was also super useful on the floor, as I’ve played with bolstering in the past but had no idea whether I needed it (I do!) or if it was at an appropriate height.

Moving forward, I think I’ll have a much easier time keeping my ribcage down in a relaxed way.”

— J. Falconer

“I’m only 59 years old and sometimes feel so much older with my knee pain and other issues.

These videos showed me that what I thought was me trying to have good posture all these years was really creating the pain that I now experience on a daily basis.

I, too, spent years wearing high heels, sitting at a computer for hours only to feel the effects of it now.”

— M. Clay

“These vids are awesome! I’ve watched them and today took particular notice of my rib position while walking. Whoohoo! One side was lower than the other to start with so I just let the higher side relax. After walking 2 1/2 hours today this is what happened…

My low back relaxed.

I excessively supinate on my right foot but was able to place it on the ground straight. On the same side my knee stopped hurting as much as usual (patellar tracking issue). Hip on the same side less painful and I managed to wait till I got home for a pee.”

— S. Homer

Meet your instructor, Petra Fisher

I wasn’t always a movement coach. In fact, 20 years ago I was a corporate lawyer working in one of Canada’s most prestigious law firms.

As a form of stress relief from my demanding job, I ran long distances, worked out hard, practiced yoga, and spent weekends mountain biking.

I guess that looked pretty healthy from the outside, but my body was racking up a whole list of issues, including hip issues, mid-back pain, sneeze-pee, and plantar fasciitis (guess what – ALL RELATED!).

I was only 30… but my body felt like it was falling apart.

As scared and frustrated as I was, I was also convinced there had to be a way to heal, and stay active.

I tried everything I could think of. Physiotherapy. Chiropractic. Acupuncture. Osteopathy. Massage therapy. Naturopaths. Rolfing. And I spent thousands of dollars.

But at the end of the day, my body still hurt.

When I discovered the world of better movement, my life turned around.

It turns out, my nagging injuries weren’t a mystery at all—they were the result of too much sitting in one place, poor body alignment, and overdosing on intense exercise. I finally understood why everything was going wrong, and I had a road-map to fix it.

These days I can go for a barefoot walk without hurting my feet, sneeze without peeing, and surf for hours without any back pain!

As I learned to fix myself, I realized that health and healing had become my passion. I quit my office job and became a full-time movement coach. I’ve been certified in Restorative Exercise, MovNat, Functional Range Conditioning and Restore Your Core. Together, these approaches are a powerful way to reconnect with our bodies, build functional strength and mobility, and offer our bodies the type and amount of movement they require to work well and sustainably.

It’s such an honor to have helped over 42,472 students to date through my online programs, and my signature Pelvic Floor+ program.

I love seeing the amazing results when my students email me (“THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS”) – and I love living the results myself.

In fact, my movement practice has let me build my resilience so that now I can travel the world full time, hiking and surfing and exploring where my heart takes me.

All without peeing my pants!

People who have already taken Ribcage Magic love it…

“Today I literally walked in from a session with a Pelvic Floor PT and found your videos. You have helped me so much with these.

The feeling for ribcage edges and the simple relaxing/softening is brilliant.

And I also loved the work on the floor with blankets to get to the right place with my ribs. Though I have really been helped by the PT over the last month, you have given me ways to check in with my ribcage posture and how to quickly shift to the neutral position.

I hope you know how much you help others. You have certainly helped this 72 year old woman!”

Many thanks,

— J. Griffith

“Petra — Oh my goodness, I watched your videos and carried the increased ribcage awareness with me for the rest of the day, and as a result, I made a powerful connection, or at least the beginning of one!

Thank you for the nudge to think and move differently 🌷🌷🌷”

— E. McGovern

“I love this tip! I did the ribcage assessment and exercises and my upper abs are so SORE today! I used the exercises with 2 students today and we are all amazed!

Thank you for always sharing the good stuff!!!!”

— T. Zapata

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