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You’re in the right place if:

  • It feels like your body is falling apart on you – but you’re not even that old!
  • You’re frustrated – no matter what you try, it never seems to help for long.
  • You’re worried – what’s going to happen to you when you actually are older?!
  • You refuse to accept that it’s all downhill from here.

I help vibrant, dynamic people enjoy their bodies for a lifetime!

Ten years ago, I was a corporate lawyer working in one of Canada’s most prestigious – and busy – law firms. Being at the office from 8AM to 11PM was a normal day for me and I sometimes would just sleep under my desk instead of going home. Despite my crazy job, I ran long distances, worked out hard, practiced yoga, and spent weekends mountain biking. From the outside, my health was pretty great.

From the inside, the story wasn’t so good. I was stressed out and exhausted. I actually hated my job but I didn’t know what else to do. Exercise was my stress relief but my body hurt everywhere. I had a laundry list of body issues: plantar fasciitis, shin splints, hip issues, mid-back pain, sneeze-pee, nerve issues in my fingers and toes, shoulder impingement, neck pain, TMJ and constant headaches. I was only 30 and my body felt like it was 60. I was super frustrated, but I was also convinced that there had to be a way to get better if only I could find it.

I was NOT willing to accept this. I was absolutely determined to get well.

When I discovered Katy Bowman and Restorative Exercise, my life changed 180 degrees.


My nagging injuries weren’t a mystery at all – they were the result of poor body alignment and a lot of junk food movement. Two weeks later, I was signed up to become a Restorative Exercise Specialist. I finally understood why everything was going wrong, and I had a road-map to fix it.

Since then, I’ve completely redesigned my life and career to make health and movement my top priority. I quit my office job and now I teach movement full-time. I can laugh without peeing my pants, walk 20 kilometres without my feet hurting, and swing from monkey bars like a champ.

Now, my body feels completely different.

For me, this has become about far more than just not hurting. Not being in pain was my first step – now my goal is to spend my life discovering just how healthy, strong and able I can become – and sharing what I learn with you.

The best part? You don’t have to quit your job to enjoy the amazing benefits of better movement.

It’s not about finding more time, it’s about learning how to use the time you already have in new ways that nurture your body.

I’m here to help you make the transition from the world of exercise to the world of natural, nutritious all-day movement.

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My Toolbox

You know that your body shouldn’t feel this way. You’re not willing to accept that it’s just because you’re getting old (if it was, then why wouldn’t both your hips hurt?). You’ve tried everything from personal training – to help you get more core strength – to physio, without really solving the problem – and it’s crystal clear that there has to be a better way.


Imagine how good it would feel….


  • To be able to garden all weekend and wake up on Monday with your knees and back working they way they did on Friday.
  • Going out shopping and not having to worry about being too far away from the bathroom.
  • Keeping up with your grandkids, even when they jump on you.
  • Just being confident that your body will work so that you can get out there and enjoy the life you love!

You’re dreaming of a future that’s not limited by your body. You want to stay active, engaged and feeling great for your entire life. You will never believe that surgery and pain pills are the answer.

After three years of working with clients (and my own body), I know this is a dream we share.

Making that dream a reality isn’t about crazy medical technology. It’s about learning how to heal and nurture your body with better – more nutritious – movement.

I’m certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist by Nutritious Movement – the organization created by renowned biomechanist and movement champion, Katy Bowman. This approach is a revolutionary way to transform your health that extends far past the studio walls. What makes this work different? The secret is three incredibly powerful tools that empower you to take your health into your own hands.

Secret #1

Restorative Exercises To Reset Your Body & Mind

There are lots of exercises out there. But not all exercises are created equal. 

That was my big mistake back when I was stretching and pounding myself into rubbery goo in my fitness days. It wasn’t until I had seriously injured myself that I realized that how you move matters at least as much as how much you move.

When you understand how your body parts relate to each other, you can start making changes that nurture your health and well-being on a long-term, sustainable basis. By helping you understand how you really move, the exercises will also show you how to change the way you move so that you can transform your body.

Secret #2

Embodied Awareness – Change the Habits that Hurt

No matter how much time you spend exercising, you spend way more time just living.

Nothing that you do at the studio or the gym can possibly have the same impact as the way you use your body when you’re out there living your life.

The way you sit, the way you stand, the way you walk (or don’t walk), the way you hold your head, the way you type…and type…and type. When you learn how to do all these ordinary, every day activities just a bit differently, you can make your body feel So.Much.Better.

But new habits don’t happen over night. After all, it took your whole life to get the body you have today – that’s a lot of years of practicing.

By learning how my body parts are actually supposed to line up, increasing my body awareness, and changing my living environment, I’ve made incredible changes in my own wellness. The best part? These changes don’t take any extra time out of your day – only mindful practice.

Secret #3

Whole Body Movement – Better Movement Nutrition Every Day

Your body needs to walk, squat and hang (or swing) in order to work at its best.

This is not optional if you want to maintain life long vibrant health.

These three movement macronutrients are the fat, protein and carbohydrates of the movement world. Over time, I’ll help you develop a movement practice that integrates these three core movements into your daily life, safely and carefully.

The surprising part? Both I and many of my clients, friends and colleagues have found that daily whole body movement has helped them turn challenges into opportunities, discover new places and experiences, and awaken the spirit of curiosity, creativity and adventure that most of us left behind in childhood.

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Nutritious Movement has finally given me a roadmap and sensible guide for how to shape my body in health. It’s incredibly holistic, taking account of one’s movement lifestyle and all the influential factors in our environment which condition our bodies, and intelligently instructing science-based correctives. As someone living with chronic pain, I came to feel very helpless and lacking control of my health, finding other therapeutic approaches (physio, yoga, pilates, etc) failing to describe whole-body dynamics and the fine alignment points which ensure you actual mobilize or stretch the part you want to target.

Coming to Nutritious Movement has been a major cathartic AHA moment! I now feel I have a both a big picture and set of micro-correctives to guide my body’s growth.

Petra is a wonderful teacher, skillfully observing what you need as an individual and teaching well-considered movements with warmth and humour. To boot, she lives and breathes natural movement and so brings a lot of passion and heart to the practice! She’s continuously learning from experience and formal coursework and offering her wisdom to clients. Petra’s a great listener and a very well-rounded wellness guide, aware of how one’s life shapes their body and offering astute suggestions of supports, whether in building dynamic seating at home, places to walk in the city, or using other tools like mindfulness or yoga tune-up to support the work of Nutritious Movement.

I highly recommend learning from Petra!

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Emily G.

Petra Fisher is a warm, caring, knowledgeable and skilled teacher with a great sense of humour. She puts me at ease, helps me work at my own pace, and targets my individual needs. I haven’t been a person who normally sticks with group classes, in part, because I don’t feel very competent, flexible or strong. Petra has dissolved those apprehensions in me to the point where I hate missing her classes and want to continue with her for the long term. She is really onto something here – a unique and effective approach to healthy movement and ways of being with your body that one can integrate easily into your daily life. Taking the classes and doing the simple homework that Petra outlines for the week has brought about noticeable results in my body and diminishing problems. I want to continue so that I can be healthy, mobile and active for the rest of my life.

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Julia B.

Petra Fisher is a movement educator and personal trainer with a passion for helping people find greater ease, joy and health in their bodies. She spent 20 years trying to figure out what to do with her life, and it wasn’t until she discovered the world of movement that she found her true passion. Now, she lives and breathes nutritious movement and loves nothing more than sharing it with others – to the distress of her long-suffering boyfriend!

The lessons of Petra’s first 20 years (as everything from a waitress to a corporate lawyer) have not been lost. She brings exceptional logic, clarity and communication skills to her classes, and prides herself on her ability to make complex ideas both accessible and super fun!

Petra is a Restorative Exercise Specialist, certified by Nutritious Movement to teach corrective exercise, and participates in extensive continuing education training. She is a teacher trainer for Nutritious Movement, and she is an instructor for the international Move Your DNA workshop program. She’s also a CanFitPro certified personal trainer and a recovering lawyer.