Build a body that can take you everywhere you want to go

If you’re not willing to settle for going slower just because you’re getting older…

you’re an active person who loves living but you’ve been stopped in your tracks by pain…

Or…If you’re a body nerd who wants rock solid confidence around how to rescue and restore modern bodies…

What People Are Saying

“I always come back to Petra and find her bite-sized classes not only very worthwhile, but also inspirational in getting me to incorporate small things in my day. I feel like I am building my knowledge base with her explanations, no matter which class I do. Bottom line, her Take10 program is a gold mine.”

Barbara Postman

What People Are Saying

“I’m in Take10 and it really is perfect…10 minutes, great instruction, very doable. It’s affordable while being chock full of great information in manageable increments.”

Patricia Cloud

What People Are Saying

I encouraged a patient to purchase your Joints for Life program and she LOVES it. She started doing it a week ago and has already reported having “more energy” and feeling looser in her body. She also appreciated that the entire “routine” is 15 minutes which makes it manageable to create the daily habit.
R. Klorman

What People Are Saying

“I want to continue my Take10 membership. The price is well worth it. You obviously put a lot of thought and work into the content. It’s very helpful and valuable stuff.”
J. Campbell, Take10 Member

What People Are Saying

Petra helps you to really understand how your body works and how to get it working better. I have become much more conscious and aware of the interconnected biomechanics of how my body moves since working with Petra.  I am slowly undoing years of poor posture and poor movement, feeling stronger and more in control of my progress.

Bettina H.

What People Are Saying

Petra’s a great teacher – she’s encouraging, kind and perceptive. Her exercise videos always seem to answer a question that’s been lurking at the back of my mind, or propose a small change that made all the difference. With Petra’s help, some long-term issues with my feet and hips are getting better.  And I have a better sense as to how these problems arose in the first place.  One unexpected Great Thing has been that her teaching helps to make the most of other material I’ve already purchased (such as Katy Bowman’s Alignment Snacks) since my form’s a lot better and is leading to changes more quickly.

Carolyn C. 

What People Are Saying

Working with Petra was life changing.  After one private session with Petra, my pain was GONE!  She listened, watched my movement and immediately showed me where my strengths and weaknesses were, giving me an immediate prescription of movements I could add to my everyday life to be pain free. If you are tired of being in pain, I can with utmost confidence recommend Petra to you.  You’ll know after just one session that you’ve found the right prescription for your overall health!

Diana M.

What People Are Saying

Since working with Petra, I have learned an incredible amount about my body. It has changed the way I work with my body, how I move all day, and also how I teach. It’s changed everything! In the best possible way. I would highly recommend Petra to anyone, but especially people who have a movement background, or teach some form of body movement. On top of all of that, Petra is just a really nice person. She is fun, funny, and laid back. Working with Petra is really enjoyable, and I would recommend her to anyone!

Lisa A. – Yoga and Pilates teacher

What People Are Saying

Petra is clear and creative in her teaching, and observant and precise about her corrections. As a movement teacher, I love getting the opportunity to work on my own stuff and Petra is great at finding the places where I cheat without knowing it. Working with her is fun and refreshes my love of movement.

Alison C., Pilates and Movement Teacher

Free foot exercise program

Working on your feet pays off big time even if you don’t have foot pain.

That’s because all modern feet are super weak and stiff (I’m looking at you, modern shoes).

And because our feet connect us to the ground, our feet have a huge impact on our ankles, knees, hips, pelvic floor, low back, spine, neck and shoulders.

So yah.

Even if you think your feet are in good shape, you’re gonna win big when you work on them. And if your feet hurt, this could be the game changer.

For free. For 5-10 minutes a day. For one week.

Join almost 7,000 other humans who’ve started their movement journey feet first!



Insta-boost your body with my most popular guides

Exercise Like Nature Intended

Chronic pain and diseases like joint issues, osteoporosis, heart issues and more are the price we pay for our modern, sedentary lifestyles. Learn what type of movement your body really needs (hint: exercise alone isn’t enough), and get my nine key strategies to add more healing natural movement to your life.

Resolve Pelvic Floor Issues

Pelvic floor issues are the result of tight, weak pelvic muscles that get overloaded by the demands of daily life. Learn tools and exercises to help lengthen, strengthen and restore your pelvic floor so you can say goodbye to symptoms like incontinence, pelvic or hip pain, or pelvic organ prolapse.

Free Your Feet

Foot pain happens when the muscles and joints of the feet are stiff, weak and underused. Learn tools, strategies and exercises to help your feet feel better and work better, naturally.

Getting older doesn’t have to hurt.

Better movement makes all the difference.

Replace confusion and discomfort with understanding and a clear path forward. 

If you’re done with searching for the answers on Instagram…

Learn Controlled Articular Rotations – CARs – the best daily movement and mobility practice. Better balance, stronger joints, less pain and more ability in less than 15 minutes a day.

See all courses.

Build a strong, functional, pain-free body from the ground up. Better feet also mean better ankles, knees, & hips & you’ll learn how to walk better too. A self-paced program with dedicated coaching support.

Restore your whole body strength & mobility & learn natural movement fundamentals! Over 102 bite sized classes, and counting.



I’m Petra.

I create exercise programs to help you become mobile, strong, functional and more connected with your body.

My programs aren’t the same old ‘lose weight or die trying’ approach. Instead, I’ll teach you how to move your body with love: safely, efficiently and effectively!

My courses are based on the latest movement science with a focus on mindfulness and learning, so you can create truly sustainable long-term wellness and feel great.

Hundreds of people all over the world are in my Take10 movement coaching, my Joints For Life mobility course and my signature Build Better Feet program. They’ve learned how to exercise sustainably, create whole body strength, and become friends with their bodies again.

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