Imagine being able to restore your body to health, all by yourself, no pills required.


Are you feeling frustrated that nothing ever seems to make your body feel better? That aches, pains and injuries are preventing you from leading the active life you love? That you’re too young for your body to be falling apart like this?


I love working with engaged, committed people who want to get the best out of their bodies and their lives. If you’re ready to restore your health, take your healing into your own hands, and claim your birthright – a body that feels amazing – then you are in the right place.

My name is Petra Fisher, and I believe that your body needs healthy movement the same way it needs healthy food. Chances are your body is not getting the variety and quantity of movement it needs for optimal health. I am committed to helping you restore your body by guiding you into the world of better all-day, life-long movement.

Get started by reading what my happy clients say about me, checking out the amazing info on my blog, or learning how you can start working with me.


xoxox Petra

Working with Petra Fisher was life changing. 

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Diana M.

It’s a pleasure to spend time exploring my body at the deep level possible with Restorative Exercise. The most significant thing I have come away with is a softer and kinder attitude towards my self.

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Pamela B.

Petra is really onto something here – a unique and effective approach to healthy movement and ways of being with your body that one can integrate easily into your daily life.

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Julia B.

Petra is a wonderful instructor…It is obvious that Petra is incredibly knowledgeable about alignment and her enthusiasm is infectious. 

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Taryn O.

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The 5 Most Common Questions About Floor Sleeping

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