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Fix Your Feet While You Enjoy A Nice Cup Of Coffee

Do your feet need a quick fix? Because most of us have super packed lives and struggle to fit everything in, movement work sometimes just doesn’t happen. I’m always on the lookout for exercises that give tonnes of benefits and that are easy to work into everyday...

Squats Are For Every Body

Have you done any squats today? Not gym squats, just life squats. Where you fold your ankles, knees and hips to get down to the ground so you can, you know, do something. I bet that if everyone who says ‘No’ to this gave me a dollar, I’d make some serious coin. And...

Live Blogging My Tongue Tie Release Part 1

I had no idea I had a tongue tie until a year ago when I was 41 - despite the fact that it's been affecting my health for my entire life. As a child I suffered from headaches and became a mouth breather - a habit that is incredibly bad for your whole body health. My...