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10 Tips For Pain Free Air Travel

Click Here to Sign Up! Are you planning a winter vacation? I love travelling, especially when it means I get to take a break from the chilly, grey Toronto winter! But let’s face it - the process of flying to your amazing vacation destination can be pretty...

What You Need To Know About Stretching

  Click Here to Sign Up! There is a lot of confusing information about stretching out there on the internet. Does it help athletic performance? Does it harm athletic performance? Is there a right way to stretch? Is there a wrong way? Should you stretch at all? So...

Healthy Winter Favorites 2017

  Click Here to Sign Up! I’ve curated a list of the healthy favorites I’m using these days to keep my body moving, my brain fired up, and my life under control. I'm sharing everything from beauty products (kind of) to my best movement resources to my favorite...

10+ Ways To Move More And Stress Less Over The Holidays

  Click Here to Sign Up! Too often, the holidays aren't actually much of a holiday at all. They end up being jam packed with parties, errands and family time - which can make it feel impossible to get any kind of exercise or self care or even just rest. It's hard...

8 Steps To Getting The Best Results From Your Body Work

Click Here to Sign Up! Do you want to get great results from your investment in body work and movement work? I know I do! And I've tried it all...Before I was a movement teacher, I was a movement client. I was also a massage therapy client, an osteopathy client, a...

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