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More Movement, Less Guilt: An Interview With Sarah Berneche

Do you ever find that after spending a few minutes on Instagram, you start to question your own life? Suddenly the things you’re doing aren’t good enough, you’re not doing enough of them, and, you really need some new clothes… Social media can make me feel empty about...

The Secret To Happy Hips

I’ve been super, super into moving my hips recently. Mobilizing them in all directions, flexing them, extending them, strengthening them for better walking and squatting, rotating them for better foot health (yes, that’s a thing), and just generally loving how it...

2017 Personal Health Progress Report

Is movement work really worth all the time and effort? What can people get out of it? Where are the wins? I’ve been thinking about all these questions recently as I continue with my own health journey. Also, it’s my birthday next week (hooray! I love birthdays!). I...