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Do you want your feet to feel fantastic?

Yes, I want my feet to feel fantastic!

Why I Love This Simple Daily Mobility Practice

As you might expect, our year of travel and transition has been leading to lots of changes in my personal movement practice and in my teaching. Since we moved to the truck (moving to camping is what I like to call it), our movement patterns have changed an enormous...

Bulletproof Ankles For Better Hiking & Walking

Since we got back to the USA, we’ve been doing a lot of hiking. Hiking is one of my favourite ways to combine my movement needs (walking) with my community needs (hanging out with friends) with my nature needs (fresh air, green trees, long vistas and more!). Plus it’s...

My Top 8 Tips For Buying Minimal Shoes

So I'm not a big fan of Stuff. I buy as little as I can, and I hate recommending that other people buy things. Neither our pocketbooks nor the world need more Things. But on the other hand, I am a huuuuuuge fan of healthy feet. And since most of us are going to buy...

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