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2017 Personal Health Progress Report

Is movement work really worth all the time and effort? What can people get out of it? Where are the wins? I’ve been thinking about all these questions recently as I continue with my own health journey. Also, it’s my birthday next week (hooray! I love birthdays!). I...

An Easy Hack For Fixing Foot Pain

So many people suffer from foot pain! I used to be one of them – I’ve had plantar fasciitis many times, numbness in my toes, and for three years, I also had this weird problem that felt like a constant ache in my midfoot. All gone now, I'm happy to report! But I...

10 Tips For Pain Free Air Travel

Click Here to Sign Up! Are you planning a winter vacation? I love travelling, especially when it means I get to take a break from the chilly, grey Toronto winter! But let’s face it - the process of flying to your amazing vacation destination can be pretty...