From Frustration To Freedom: Overcoming Prolapse With Pelvic Floor+

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Because of traveling, I don’t always get to meet my students in real life. But every so often, that changes! I had a chance to chat with Deb. W, one of my Pelvic Floor+ students, a couple of weeks ago, and I thought you’d enjoy hearing her (inspiring) story!

Meet Deb, a vibrant retiree who loves teaching yoga, doing yoga, and weight-lifting (can I just say, bravo!!!). 

Despite her active lifestyle, Deb struggled with pelvic floor issues, including prolapse and urgency. These challenges significantly impacted her quality of life, making everyday activities and public outings stressful and frustrating. 

So let’s dive into Deb’s journey & learn how she found relief and reclaimed her confidence through my Pelvic Floor+ program.

The Beginning of Deb’s Prolapse Journey  

Deb W. is a 67 year old former social worker and mom who was struggling with prolapse & urgency issues. She has a very active lifestyle, including 3 weightlifting sessions each week, in addition to yoga and daily walks. She’s been weightlifting for seven years and is currently training to become a yoga teacher. 

Living With Frustration & Fear 

Deb’s pelvic floor problems were more than just physical discomforts – they had a huge impact on her daily life. She was anxious when out in public because she had to go to the bathroom all the time. Constantly having to think about ‘where am I going to go to the bathroom next’ made leaving the house frustrating and challenging. 

She felt that the constant pressure from her prolapse worsened when she did exercises like squats. Weightlifting is a super important part of her life and she feared that she’d have to give it up entirely.

Searching For Alternative Prolapse Solutions   

After being diagnosed with a prolapse by her doctor, Deb spoke with other women in a similar situation. Many suggested surgery, but she didn’t want to go that route. Instead, she searched for alternative solutions like pelvic floor focused workshops and attended all that she found. Then, she discovered Pelvic Floor+.

Accessible & Effective – Deb’s Pelvic Floor+ Experience 

Despite having taken a number of in-person pelvic floor classes & workshops, Pelvic Floor+ was the first online program she tried. 

Deb found the program very accessible, with well-written, user-friendly materials and easy-to-follow instructions throughout. The clear printouts and inviting, guided approach encouraged her to work slowly through the exercises without feeling rushed. This allowed her brain and body time to truly understand and integrate the movements. 

For Deb, the most important aspect of the program was the ability to rewatch the videos as many times as needed. With in-person workshops, she found it hard to remember what she had learned and practiced. Being able to revisit the videos in Pelvic Floor+ was invaluable to her learning process and she enjoyed exercising & laughing along with Petra.

Deb’s big question was, ‘How can I take this information and make it a part of my everyday life?’ To regain her active lifestyle and leave the house without worrying about the nearest restroom, she knew she had to change her daily routine. 

Deb found it most effective to first sit & watch a video, then rewatch it and practice the movements. She would repeat a few exercises every night until she felt like she got it. Then she’d add another exercise, putting the pieces together in a way that made sense to her. 

Initially, Deb used the printouts to check off what she worked on. Soon, she found she didn’t need them and simply incorporated the exercises into her daily life. She did stretches when walking out of her kitchen or worked through the bedtime routine before going to sleep because it was relaxing and felt good.

Slowly, she felt confident enough to do the exercises whenever she had a chance. 

Finally Finding Freedom  

Shortly after starting the program, Deb noticed reduced urgency to go to the bathroom. She felt better when lifting weights and stronger overall.

For the first time in her life, she finally understood what it means to ‘engage your core,’ an essential concept, especially when lifting weights. She’d heard this advice many times, but the lightbulb moment came only after taking Pelvic Floor+.  

Deb is ecstatic about her progress and most surprised by the change in her breathing patterns. The self-paced nature of the program allowed her to slow things down and focus on her breathing in a way she couldn’t in other classes she’d taken. 

Using the breathing technique she learned in the program has improved her weight lifting routine, helping her get back to exercises that previously aggravated her prolapse. She now feels confident that she can keep lifting weights without damaging her pelvic floor. 

And not feeling like she has to go to the bathroom before she leaves the house is a wonderful new freedom she’s finally able to enjoy!

Overcoming Prolapse In Her Own Words

Deb said Pelvic Floor+ was a game-changer for her. Today, she’s able to go out in public without worrying about being constantly near a bathroom and she feels more confident while weightlifting. 

Well…my doctor diagnosed me with prolapse. I was having a lot of urgency issues. I’ve met other women that have had surgery to repair. I did not want that. Everywhere I could find a class where it was going to be working on pelvic floor I went to those. And then I saw yours, and then I was like, ‘Okay, I’m trying this’. And especially, I don’t want to give up weight lifting. And I was worried that I would have to give it up if I couldn’t get that under control. I was concerned about that, and I don’t want to give it up. It’s very important to me.

…with the prolapse, I was so frustrated being out in public, having to go to the bathroom all the time. Being worried about, especially with weight lifting, I do a lot of squat presses, usually just pushing 25 overhead. I usually do probably 60 squats in a workout routine, some pushing overhead, some down.

But what helped me so much…the breathing part. It’s a cue to me now as to before I squat down, then I’m waiting for my stomach to engage. Those things were a game changer for me in terms of feeling comfortable, having less pressure…I feel strong. I feel solid.”

Finding a way to work the exercises from Pelvic Floor+ into her everyday life was invaluable to Deb. She credits her success to being able to rewatch the videos to properly learn the technique and then gradually adding bits and pieces into her everyday life. 

Transformation Through Consistency 

Deb’s journey with Pelvic Floor+ transformed her life. By integrating simple, effective exercises into her daily routine, she not only alleviated her prolapse & pelvic floor symptoms but also enhanced her overall strength & mobility. 

Today, Deb moves through her day with confidence, enjoying her active lifestyle without the constant worry of finding the nearest bathroom or worsening her prolapse. Her story is a testament to the power of dedicated practice and finding the right program! 

And Deb’s advice? ‘Practice, practice, practice – even if it’s just half an hour a night. That’s about all it took me. Just take it in small chunks, go slowly and do them over and over until they become natural. You might even find new ways to incorporate exercises into your routine, like using the kitchen counter while doing them.’

It really is all about consistency and doing the work – and Deb is an inspiring example of the results you can experience with Pelvic Floor+. I’m so proud of her hard work and dedication, and I’m thrilled to be here to support her journey!

A Note From Petra

I’d like to jump in and add that even if you feel that surgery is the right option for your body, it’s always a good idea to work on movement as well. Prolapse surgery can be helpful, but movement work will help you recover faster and change the movement patterns that contributed to the prolapse in the first place. 

If you’re facing similar challenges to Deb, I invite you to start with exploring a simple postural change that’s the foundation of the breath and core work I teach in Pelvic Floor+

See, one of the causes of prolapse and other pelvic floor issues is from creating too much pressure as we breathe, use our core, and move around the world. Learning how to align our ribcage is the first step in balancing out and creating healthier pressures to nurture pelvic floor health. The best part? This is also great for your spine, your core and your digestion!

Click here for my free Ribcage Magic series – the foundation of a healthier pelvic floor!

Learn the essential (and surprisingly simple) first step to healing your pelvic floor, building a functional core & caring for your spine (for free!)

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