Joint mobility means our ability to move our joints freely, smoothly and with control.

Working on joint mobility creates a stronger brain-body connection, better balance, coordination, fluidity and ability to respond to the unexpected. It also means we don’t create as much wear and tear on our joints from jerky or uncontrolled movements. 

Having enough joint mobility is what allows us perform fundamental movement patterns such as walking, squatting and hanging without unhealthy compensations.

And, better mobility keeps our joints stronger and more robust with decreased risk of injuries, degeneration and pain.

In other words, better joint mobility means better movement quality.

Because joint mobility is so fundamental to other movement abilities, mobility-focused exercise is a super high ‘bang for your buck’ practice. 

Ready to try some? Here’s one of my favourite mobility exercises, the Controlled Articular Rotation for the wrists. It’s much harder than it seems!


Courses For Better Mobility

Joints For Life Mobility Course

Bulletproof your joints with this simple but powerful daily practice.

Take10 Online Movement Coaching

Get stronger, more mobile and learn how to move better so your body can work better and feel better, in bite sized chunks.

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