There are so many helpful (and often simple) exercises you can do while real life is happening.

Learning a few simple exercises, and keeping a bit of equipment around your home, will help you add a lot more daily movement without taking lots of extra time.

Life offers lots of daily opportunities to add mini-exercise and movement sessions. You just have to be creative and look for your chances. Then add some intentional extra movement to your activities.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • While you brush your teeth or wash the dishes: foot exercises, hip and one-legged balance exercises, calf and hamstring stretching.
  • Folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher: squatting, hip mobility, lunging, hamstring stretches, and reaches.
  • At a standing desk: hand stretches, side bending, quad stretches, one-legged balance, foot mobility, twisting, shoulders and arm above-the-head movements
  • At a floor sitting desk or watching TV: all sorts of sitting positions to work on hip, ankle and foot mobility, lunges, squats, side bending, twisting, hand stretches, shoulders and arms-above the head stretches
  • Waiting for a ride or standing in line-ups: pelvic listing, hand stretches, balancing, foot exercises

The possibilities really are endless! I’m sharing a bunch of exercise options in the Resources side bar. I also put lots of suggestions on my Instagram. And I include a Real Life Movement idea in each session of my Take10 Movement Membership online coaching program.

Courses For Real Life Exercises

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