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Everything You Need To Know About Toe Spacers

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Toe spacers are one of my favourite movement hacks. What are toe spacers? Basically, they’re exactly what they sound like – little devices designed to create a bit more space between your toes. And why toe spacers? Because modern shoes squash your toes and if you want your feet to work better, you should start unsquashing them.

In today’s post, I’m sharing some of my favourite toe spacer options and how you can pick the best ones for your unique life.

Why Toe Spacers Are Amazing

Ever since we were babies, our feet have spent most of their time in shoes. Modern shoes are TOO NARROW in the toes. All of them. Not just the pointy toe ones.

Because of narrow toe boxes in shoes, most of us have toes that have been artificially squished together for a really long time!

The result? Most of us have toes that are too close together, with weak muscles, not much space for nerves, and poor circulation. And many of us get issues relating to squished toes, like bunions, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes and neuromas (believe it or not, even pelvic floor issues and hip issues can have a relationship to squished toes because of how this affects our walking). 

Squished toes can be changed, but it’s a long term project. To restore space between the toes, foot mobility, and foot strength, we need to add forces that gradually return the foot bones to the place they belong.

Although exercises and barefoot walking are a big piece of the puzzle, this is one of the few times when there’s a shortcut: toe spacers.

Toe spacers are contraptions that fit between the toes and hold them spread apart. You instantly get better circulation, and as you walk around in them, your toe bones and muscles gradually restored to better alignment.

Hooray for easy fixes!

How To Choose Toe Spacers

There are lots of types of toe spacers. It can be confusing to figure out which ones are best for you or to give as a gift.

All toe spacers are not created equal. They vary in durability, the ability to wear them in your shoes, and their price. And their size, too.

Durability vs. Price

I like stuff that lasts. This is one reason I am not a huge fan of the toe spacers you can buy at the drug store that are intended to be used for pedicures. They’re basically a straight-to-landfill option and they don’t provide a lot of wearability or spread relative to other options.

Toe spacers that are designed to promote foot health range from about $10 to about $65 (USD). In general, you’ll probably pay more for toe spacers that last for longer. Consult your budget and your heart on this one.


Some – but not all – toe spacer brands offer size options. Usually the guidelines on the website are pretty clear – I’ve put specific notes in the reviews below.


You get maximum toe spreading benefits when you can wear your toe spacers as you move (and ideally while you walk). This means that you can wear them for more hours in the day. And when you walk with your toes spread apart, you get more of the forces and loads that will eventually help realign your toes more permanently. Of course, that also means you’ll have to have shoes with wide-enough toe boxes (see this post on transitioning to minimal shoes to learn more about healthy shoes). 

However, if you’re buying a gift or don’t already wear minimal shoes, you might prefer a pair that doesn’t go inside shoes. You’ll still get lots of benefits. And if you’re just starting out with them, you’re not going to want to wear them all day anyway (it can be a bit too intense).

My Favourite Toe Spacers

I’ve tried out lots of types of toe spacers. I basically love them all, but I use them at different times and in different ways. So I’ve written this so you have a handy guide. Here’s a list of my favourites, why I like them, and the pros and cons of each type.

My Happy Feet Toe Alignment Socks

Price: $23.95 USD

Durability: Moderate – I’ve had 2 pairs since early 2014. They’re getting small holes now but are still great for toe spreading. However, I only wear them to bed.

Wearability: Best for chilling out and minimal walking or movement. Use them while you watch TV or sleep.

General Comments: I love wearing these at night because there’s no worry about them slipping off my toes. It took a long time for me to adapt to wearing them all night, though. I’ve been woken up many times in the middle of the night by my feet telling me it is TIME TO TAKE THEM OFF! They’re a fun entry level option that won’t break the bank.

Bonus: I always wear these on the airplane – they keep my feet much happier!

Get them right here. 

Joya Toes

Price: $42 USD

Durability: Moderate to high – I’ve had mine for four years and worn them a lot and they’re going strong. They’re getting a bit gummy-textured – maybe I stored them too hot or too cold at some point during our reno because other people I’ve talked to don’t have this issue.

Wearability: Good for walking around in the house, light exercise such as stretching or yoga, and wearing while seated or driving.

Sizing: They come in two sizes – most people should start with the small ones but if you or the person you’re buying for has big spaces between their toes then consider the larger ones. If in doubt, go smaller.

General Comments: These ones are cute, in a strange way – there’s just something about the blue I really like.

Pick them up right here.


Price: $65 USD

Durability: High – these guys are made of medical grade silicone

Wearability: These are the gold standard – they’re designed specifically to be worn inside shoes. They’re also customizable so they can be altered to fit almost every foot. They can slip off very short toes (like mine) so for me they don’t work well if I’m just walking around barefoot, but for most people this isn’t an issue.

Size: CorrectToes come in four sizes, based on shoe size. This makes the sizing easy to figure out. If in doubt, they recommend sizing up for wider feet (and presumably sizing down for narrow ones).

General Comments: I love CorrectToes. They’re designed by a podiatrist who’s also a barefoot runner, and have had a lot of thought and care put into their creation. They’re the only toe spacers I’ve found that work well in shoes, so if you or the person you’re buying for is already a toe pro, then these are your best option.

Bonus! CorrectToes has a great guide to choosing shoes! Since not all shoes are wide enough, this is super helpful! And their customer service is fabulous if you have any questions.

Pro tip: You can customize your CorrectToes to fit your feet better – they provide details when you purchase them or you can check with their customer service.

Pick them up right here. Many real life retailers also stock CorrectToes and you may even find a practitioner who will fit and alter them for you professionally.

The Foot Collective toe spreader.

The Foot Collective ‘Wild Toes’

Price: $19 USD

Durability: Low – Medium. The ones I tested were made of very soft, squishy white stuff and don’t work on rough surfaces outdoors. They’ve updated them to a pretty green colour since then but we checked with members of my Facebook Community. The folks there agreed they don’t last: the silicon stretches out and the loops around the big and little toes can break.

Wearability: They’re intended for barefoot wear. I think these could possibly fit inside shoes but the bands that go around the outsides of the pinky and big toes might make it tough. The same bands make them quite secure so I find them good for light indoor activities and for barefoot workouts as well as chilling out indoors.

General Comments: I like these toe spreaders and often reach for them before driving. They’re the best ones I’ve found to wear while exercising barefoot and/or mobilizing my feet on a ball.

Pick them up right here.

Other Recommendations From The Community

I recently asked my Move Better, Live Better Facebook members if they had toe spacers they used and loved. Here are the top three suggestions:

Toe spacers from Yoga Toes Brand.


Price: $24.95 USD

Wearability: These toe spacers come in 2 sizes and connect around all of the toes. They can be worn inside of shoes and used during exercise.

General Comments: Some members with wider feet suggested getting a larger size. Some also mentioned they can be difficult to get on and off.

Pick them up right here. 

Toe spacers from Nasobo brand.

Naboso Splay

Price: $30 USD

Wearability: Can be worn with or without shoes.

General Comments: Members said they are comfortable to wear in shoes, though some said they don’t spread the toes out as much as Correct Toes. They are also easy to order for those in Canada.

Pick them up right here.

Toe spacers from Yoga Toes brand.

Yoga Toes

Price: $36.95 USD

Wearability: These are meant to be worn when sitting or resting and cannot be worn inside shoes or when moving.

General Comments: These toe spacers are great for passive wearing but you definitely can’t wear them inside of shoes or while you’re walking or exercising. Members said they spread the toes really well but can be a bit intense if you are newer to wearing toe spacers. They are easy to clean and last a long time.

Pick up a pair here. 

How To Use Toe Spacers

There are no hard and fast rules with using toe spacers. But here are a few thoughts.

1️⃣  Transition slowly and let your sensation be a guide. Wear them for an hour or two and when your feet tell you they’re done, take them off until tomorrow.

2️⃣  I usually recommend getting a less expensive toe spacer to begin with. If you like them, then you can upgrade with a more expensive option later. And you don’t have to feel guilty because they all are good for different things so people can actually benefit from owning a number of different styles. Almost everyone that I’ve talked to enjoys wearing toe spacers – they feel pretty great to wear.

3️⃣  I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule for how often you should wear them. ‘As much as possible as long as it feels good to you’ is usually a good guideline.

4️⃣  Be patient. The end goal of the toe spacers is to re-align your bones and rebuild the muscles of your feet so you don’t need toe spacers any more. This can take a long time – possibly years.

5️⃣  Do some foot exercises as well if you want to create more change. Toe spacers are amazing but only one part of the puzzle. Try my Free Your Feet program to get started with some of my faves! 

6️⃣  Don’t wear them all the time – they do interfere with normal foot mechanics and the goal should be to restore your toe splay naturally instead of always having to rely on an outside tool like toe spacers.

More Foot Savers

Toe spreaders are a huge time saver – and a major foot saver – but they aren’t the whole story to getting happier feet. Here are some other great options to help you create healthy, resilient and pain free feet.

#1 A Pair Of Yoga Tune Up Balls

These balls are fantastic for rolling out and mobilizing your feet (with or without toe spreaders on). Daily foot rolling and mobilizing is a really great way to restore foot health (and I share some tips on how to roll in my Free Your Feet program in case you’re wondering!).

#2 Simple Steps To Foot Pain Relief

This book by Katy Bowman is a great way to learn the hows and whys of healthy feet.

#3 Free Your Feet Boot Camp

My free Free Your Feet program is packed with great foot exercises to help you transform your feet. Grab it today and get a major head start on your journey to happier feet and a healthier body!

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